How to access voicemail on the Samsung Galaxy J5?

how do i set it up as well then access it please

Try 901 - it Works for me :-) now - where is the answer machine icon?

I have a speaking clock too. What do i do?

Hi. I have dialled 1 as described but get the speaking clock!!

Hi Lorraine, I tried this but the voicemail advises "wrong number" - have you come across this issue before? This is also the case when I have a message icon on the front screen giving notification of an answer phone message and I select to call from there too?

How do I retrieve my voicemail messages on my samsung galaxy J5

Hi Marie. Simply dial 1 and follow the voice prompt. If that won't work, contact your carrier first to enable voicemail service.

I dont know how to put an answer phone message on my phone or access a voice mail message I have - how do i hear it please help

Thank you

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