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How do i transfer data from iphone 5s to samsung a10

There are manys way can help you transfer data between iphone and samsung.First, use iCloud to move data from iphone to computer and then copy it the Samsung.Second,use Google drive,sync data with the same Google account and then restore it on Samsung.The easiest is to move data between iphone and samsung directly with MobiKin Transfer for Mobile, it enables you to connect two devices and move data.


Don't worry.Samsung and iPhone are very popular mobile phones. So there are many ways to help you transfer files.First,both Apple and Samsung's official tools can help you transfer files to your computer,then transfer data from computer to device.Second,there are many phone to phone data transfer tool can help connect two device and transfer data.

If you want to transfer data like contact, text messages, books(pdf&epub),music, videos, photos from iphone 5s to samsung a10 from computer, you can try Coolmuster Mobile Transfer. You just need to install it on your computer, start it. Link both of them to the same computer via usb cables, enable usb debugging on them. Then you can transfer data iphone 5s to samsung a10 directly from computer. 

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