How do I transfer contact info from my Motorola W376g to my new ZTE Valet?

Read somewhere in a blog before I bought the phone that it can be done using Bluetooth and using Blue tooth seem to have the ability to transfer contacts from the ZTE to the Motorola but not the other way round.

Hi Steve. If the contacts are saved in the phone memory of the your Motorola W376G you can just transfer them to the SIM card.

1.Menu >Phonebook
2.Press the center keys and select Copy
3.Select All to SIM or All to Phone. Select Merge or Overwrite.

Once contacts are in the SIM card, just insert it to the ZTE Valet. The contacts should appear in your Contacts list.

Copying contacts to the SIM card will not work if the new phone has a new SIM card. A new already activated phone/card rejected the Motorola W376g's SIM card; the Motorola W376g rejected the new phone's SIM card... so there was no way to transfer contacts via SIM card. I don't know but perhaps if the new phone/SIM is not yet 'activated', it might be possible. If however, the new phone is unlocked... then you might simply transfer the SIM card.

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