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How do I get my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 to turn back on?

My Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 recently turned off, and whenever I turn it back on it just goes to the screen where it just says Samsung and shows those white balls coming out of the letters. I have factory restarted it several times, and rebooted. I let the tablet die, and charged it all today. Nothing seems to be working 

You may need to hard reset it if it still won't turn on. Hard resetting your device will result on deletion of all your personal files/data.

To hard reset your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4:

1. With your device off, press and hold Volume up, Home and Power buttons.

2. When you see recovery screen, release the held buttons.

3. Use Volume buttons to navigate, select wipe data/factory reset, press Home button to choose the highlighted option.

4. Press Volume up button to continue.

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