How to retrieve deleted text messages on the Samsung Intensity U450?

How do I get deleted text back?


my phone Samsung galaxy 4 I am delete my face book messaga how can again Read the message

how to recover deleted text messages from samsung GTs7582

all msz delete to mistake but mobile simple set samsung

i want my videos and pictures and messages back on my phone.
how can i retrieved it?

kind regards

how do I retrieve my text m,essages from my cell phone

You can also use MobiKin Doctor for Android software to recover deleted text messages from Samsung phone easily. It is good for me to get back lost data from my android phone. You can have a try.

I can see lot of response here... if anyone in here still looking for solution to the same then you can try the third party application Dr.Fone.
I got my deleted contact back using this software and it should work with text messages too. You can refer to this online guide which might be handy for you -
Let me know if you need any more help

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