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Patricia Gibson

How do I forward a text message on ZTE android phone

When I hold on the message, the only option  that comes on the screen is delete.

There is no MENU option to choose FORWARD.  advice?

Hmm.. Can you tell me which phone that is? I'm also using a phone from 2017 and that's how it's done there but I just realized I was using Google's Messages app.

Thanks for you reply.

unfortunately, when I tap on the message, at the top it says ‘ one selected’ and on the upper right there are two boxes one superimposed on the other.  There are not 3 dots.

when I go one sceeen back, there are 3 dots but they reveal choices such as: insert smiley, delete thread etc ...everything but forward!    I got the phone in 2017 so perhaps it did not have that feature added then.

still a puzzle.  

Hi Patricia. Tap and hold on the message you want to forward -> Once the message is highlighted, tap the 3 dotted menu on the upper right side of the screen -> tap forward.

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