How do I find out if I accidently blocked someone or they blocked me on LG G4?

Hi. I just got an LG 4 phone month 1/ 2 ago. I am Canadian but have friends from the states I like to talk to overcalls, text messaging and just recently Skype. I am not sure if my messages are getting through to them as they always text me and am afraid I may have accidently blocked them somehow when uploading a new app. I have recently also uploaded "CyberGhost" but I uninstalled it when I was having this problem in fear that while protecting private information, also have tinkered with my contact.

Also as well , there seems to be a paper clip beside their contact alone and no one else's. What does this mean? Are they trying send me something? I am afraid they may think I blocked them. Help!!!

Hi Margarite. Can you check Settings > Call > Call reject and check if there's any contact blocked there.

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