Ginette Royer

How do I download pictures from the Nokia 6086?

Here are ways to get your pictures and other files from your phone to a computer.

Transferring through a USB cable
- Download and install the USB driver and Nokia Ovi Suite. Download Nokia Ovi Suite here
- Plug in your phone to your computer with a USB cable, and choose PC Suite on your phone
- Nokia Ovi Suite will automatically open and you can now move files from your phone to your computer.

Transferring through Bluetooth
- Your computer should be Bluetooth capable
- Activate both computer and phone's Bluetooth, then pair them
- Once paired, you can now send and receive files from your computer

Transferring with a card reader
- Make sure all files you intend to transfer have been moved or copied to your memory card
- remove memory card from phone and insert to your computer's card reader
- go to My Computer and look for the drive that has just appeared
- you can now move and copy files from and to the memory card

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