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How come I only get 1 bar of service coverage at home?

I’ve been having this problem for awhile now. It’s mostly only when I’m at home (92054 is my zipcode). When I’m at work or other parts of town it seems to be okay. I even am connected to the WiFi at home and it still runs very slowly or doesn’t load at all. Videos buffer, and it frustrates me. I even just got a new phone (iPhone 8 plus) thinking maybe that will change it. No luck. I just want to be able to enjoy watching or going on social media without having to worry if things will load or not. 

There are even a lot of times that the service will say “extended” what does that even mean?? Forever stuck on 1 bar of service. 

Odd. According to the map, you should have excellent signal. When you're out, how's the connection going? I'm thinking the walls/roof of your house is blocking it.

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