How can I permanently delete emails on my Doro Liberto 820 Mini?

I can delete emails on my Doro 820 mini but they subsequently re-appear. How can I permanently delete emails ?

Hmm.. That sucks. Well, since the phone is running Android, you can simply install another email app that you can use instead of the prebuilt one.

I tried it previously and it didn't work. I haven't tried it again. There appears to be a problem with the software  -  acknowledged by Doro who suggested updating  the software but the option was not available on my phone. Not very satisfactory and I intend to write a letter of complaint to Doro. My phone is only a few months old. In the meantime I have disconnected my phone from wi-fi !

Go to Settings > Apps > look for the email app > Clear data. Login again the email and check please.

I have removed and re-installed my email account but it didn't solve the problem. How do I remove my email from a web browser ?


Hmm.. Might just be a sync issue between the server and your phone. Can you try removing the email account on your phone, restart your phone, and enter it again. Also, you can delete the email from a web browser and it should be deleted on your email app.

Dear Carl,

Thank you for your response.  The set up on my Doro 820 Mini is IMAP.

Regards, George

If you're not sure, can you tell me which email app you are using?

Hey george. What's the setup of your email client on your phone; is it IMAP or POP3?

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