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How can I get maximum value by selling my phone?

How can I get maximum value by selling my phone?


Selling your old phone is an outstanding way to turn something you don’t use anymore into a quick bit of cash. Depending on the model and condition of your phone, and the current demand on the market, you might be amazed how much your old phone is worth. Make sure to clear any personal data off your phone, remove your SIM card, and any additional storage cards you might have installed before selling your phone online. Even, selling your used phone is an easy way to add some funds to your financial situation. Keep the following in mind to assure you get maximum value for your old phone:

  • Make sure to avoid selling your phone right when a new model drops.

  • Keep your phone in excellent condition and be frank about the flaws.

  • Carrier and retail buyback programs are easy but offer less cash than other methods.

  • Websites that buy used phones or allow you to sell your old phone are usually a good balance of risk and rewards.

  • Using an online classified is likely to get you the most for your used phone, but it comes with increased risks.

  • Keep in mind unlocked phones are sold well than locked ones.

  • Sweeten the deal by including accessories such as charger, warranty card, flip case, etc.

  • Always factory reset your cell phone before selling it.

  • Make sure to sell your phone on a trustworthy website such as Gazelle, Recell Cellular, or Swappa.

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