How can I fix my Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL without losing my information?

I have an Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL, that is continually rebooting now; it's been acting very strange all day. This morning it started optimizing the apps for quite a while, then it finally displayed the home screen and seemed to be fine. A little while later, it went through the same thing, & this has recurred numerous times throughout the day. I have not tried to update software or anything out of the ordinary, it went into limbo on it's own. Now, it is only constantly rebooting about once every 2 minutes or so. I finally managed to cut it off. Can I get it back to normal without losing all of my contacts and information?

Hi MT. I'm afraid you will probably lose all the information when that's fixed. I suggest you take the phone to an authorized service center. Maybe they have a way to extract files/info from your phone before getting it fixed.

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