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Why does Huawei Honor 8 answers calls without ringing?

I am 2 weeks into my second Honor 8 having exchanged the first at 14 days because it just stopped ringing. Now the second one has started to do the same. It just answers the call without ringing, so unless I hear the caller shouting, I miss every call. It makes no difference whether it is in my pocket or sitting on the desk. HELP! As it is, this phone is totally useless.

I already have a lock screen password (and fingerprint as it happens). However, I have solved it with the help of the HiHonor online chat support team, which I found only after I logged on to the HiHonor site. There appears to be problems either with the motion control software or the motion sensor on my phone is faulty and is, thus, over sensitive. The problem was solved by switching of the "Raise to Ear" settings. It appears that the phone cannot tell the difference between being in your pocket or face down on a table and being raised up to your ear. Since this happened on two different phones and Huawei never suggested that my phone was faulty, it would appear that these motion control features not only fall short of their objective but actually render the phone unusable. I am hoping to see prompt follow up here from Huawei that they are either going to issue a software update soon or withdraw the feature with an apology. I love the phone way too much to abandon it for this one shortcoming, but I really hope they will come clean and either fix it or own up to it being a mistake.

Hi SteveM. Can you first try to set a lock screen password (pattern, PIN, password) then observe if phone still automatically answer calls?

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