Has anyone upgraded the OS on Coolpad 3300a?

Have this 1 1/2 old 3300a and would like to upgrade the O.S from Kk4.4.4. Has anyone accomplished this?

Hi Carl P:

   Thanx for responding! To answer your question, well...yes & no. Not trying to be facetious but this is a touchy subject...for some. It seems there is an issue of whether or not the bootloader is locked on these models(?) Should I find the answer to that, then the original question will be academic. There are many custom ROM's for the Kk 4.2 that will upgrade, provided the bootloader is 'open". Seems to me there ought to be a way to get around the bldr issue, but what those are, I haven't a clue. I'm looking for a different/newer phone, but for now, I'll keep "goggling" and asking around at different forums. Stay sharp and enjoy the summer!


Hi there. I tried looking for update but looks like there still isn't any. Have you tried using a custom rom?

Not the answer you were looking for?