What to do when Ematic 8" Windows 10 tablet stuck at UEFI Interactive shell?

I was trying to clean the tablet off so I could give it to someone else, and I did something that makes it get stuck at the UEFI menu when you boot it up now. I just don't have time to mess with it to fix it. It is the Ematic EWT826BK, 8" Windows 10 tablet. The crazy thing is it doesn't even have escape or F keys so you can't change any of the settings in the UEFI menu. I don't have a USB OTG cable with me right now to try to hook up a keyboard. So I'm kinda stuck. I don't see any small reset holes that one might put a paperclip in. I hate this because I was going to give it to someone in about 2 days but now it doesn't even work. :(

The easiest solution is an OTG cable and a USB keyboard. Best buy has OTG cableĀ  for $14.95 (in theĀ  Samsung section) [or on-line for $6]

Press the ESC key for UEFI menu, and follow the prompts. DO NOT disable the USB in the UEFI settings, as you will not have access to the settings any more. (chicken egg scenario)

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