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How do I enter my SIM PUK on Doro 6520?

 I was trying to set up a Sim pin, and when I entered  a PIN,  The response was 'incorrect pIn',  indicating that there was already a pin  entered. Not knowingly by me! I tried again  with default 1234, wrong again, now only have one attempt left.  I already have a PUK, but do not know how to enter it. 

 Thanks, Carl P,  but life  in the IT world is not that simple!

 The problem was caused by there being a default sim pin  already set. The actual solution which I gathered by talking to Doro tech help, Vodafone LiveChat and visiting the  local Vodafone store is:-

 Open the phone > menu > settings > security >simlock>on;  at this point the sim default pin  Number must be entered, this is 0000 for a Vodafone Sim. It is all quite straightforward after that. 

 I've detailed the procedure to be followed, not because I think I'm a smart ass but someone else may be looking for the correct solution. 

When you turn on your phone, you will be asked for a PUK code instead of a PIN code. Please check the screen.

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