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Is the manual correct that only 3 items can be stored on the SIM card of Doro 6520?

everthing else is on the phone. Is this correct as it is most unusual, User manual says only 3 items can be stored on the sim caed

Hi again!

You will have to manually transfer/move the contacts.

Open Menu > Phonebook > Press Options > Copy All > From Phone.

Hope that helps!

Thanks - that is a helpful start to my next query.

I only recently noticed the Settings option to store details on the phone or Sim.  My default was the phone and I have now altered it to Sim. Query is whether existing items stored on the phone will automatically be moved to the Sim

I believe you are pertaining to this "SIM to save up to 3 phone numbers and one e-mail address per contact." You misread it, you can store 3 phone number and an e-email address per contact. Hope that clears it up. :)

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