Does the Archos Platinum 97 HD have a Wi-Fi receiver problem?

like on the Titanium

I purchased on of these recently and I was having problems with the wi-fi. I use my HTC one x as a portable hotspot and I have done so for about a year with no problems. All my online activity goes through this phone and I am using it now to connect to this site. Anyway back to the point at hand, when I first purchased the Archos Platinum HD 97 and tried to connect it to my phones wireless but it kept dropping then re connecting every 5 or 6 seconds; connect, disconnect, connect, disconnect. Then occasionally it would not recognise it at all! it kept says 'Out of range' even though the phone was sitting on top of the bloody tablet! after a day or so it actually started to connect ok. I even braved the elements and took my tablet downstairs with my phone upstairs! My PC wont reach that far but the tablet held up ok. So I guess for me it sort of fixed itself but I definetly had a problem when I first got it.

Yes! It does a problem. My friend purchased one and it is horrible !!!

Hey Luke. So far no one has mentioned experiencing any problem with Wi-Fi connection on the Platinum 97 HD. So for now it's safe to say that there's none.

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