Does the Alcatel A392G have speed dial?

Speed dial setting

Press and Hold the speed dial numerical key you want until it accepts it and begins to call the number assigned to that number.

I set up my speed dial and it shows them in there but when I press 2-8 then send it doesn't call the contact

My phone does not have PHONE SETTING option. So what do I do to get speed failing to work?
Thank you


I have an Alcatel OneTouch. I set up my speed dial contacts, but I can't seem to access them with one touch. Please provide instructions.

Also, how do I revert my contacts to first name first?

Yes, you can set a maximum of 8-speed dial entries.

To set up Speed Dial Entries:
1. From the main menu, select Settings > Phone settings > Keypad > Numeric keys.
2. Highlight the key with which you wish to assign the speed-dialing number (from 2 to 9), pressEdit > Contacts.
3. Scroll to choose a contact you want to assign from Contacts and press OK.

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