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How to delete voice mail notification on LG Optimus Showtime?

I have a voicemail message notification that i cant delete off main screen. Adding more messages doesnt change it.
Any way to get rid of it?

How do you remove old voicemail from LG L41C

I got rid of it finally by hitting every feature i could find but will keep your answer for if it happens again. I was referring to the lock screen.
Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

Hi Nancy, when you say main screen, are you referring to the home screen of the phone or just the lock screen? If it's the former, just swipe down from the notifications bar on the top of the screen and then tap on the button near the top right corner that looks like three parallel bars. If it's the latter, go to Settings > Display and remove the check mark on the box next to "Lock screen notifications." Let us know if either of these tips help take care of the issue!

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