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Hey David. Are you pertaining to logs in the phone? Sorry, I'm not sure how CC posts data usage on your account. You're using Android phone right? I tried using Glasswire, looks good at monitoring data usage. Can you check? Maybe that can help you figure out data usage.


Thanks Carl for that advice.

Yes I did have a look at the apps supposedly using the data, but unlike how the phone logs call data, it does not show details of when or how much data was used at any particular time, only a total of data used by each app over the month.

The total reading was somewhat more than what was shown on the readout on the web, but I suppose that could be a result of some accommodation with regards to use of messaging, assuming that messaging is actually data transfer of sorts. But all that does not account for why we are getting readings of data transfers only at those particular times of midnight, 6am, noon and 6pm and not at other times.

Just guessing, but maybe that it CC's way of applying data usage for the day. If so, that is a poor way of doing it, since it restricts how anyone can actively follow their data usage. When the phone does not record when and how much data is being used and the web site does not do it either, that really restricts a parson's ability to control data consumption. Correct me if I am wrong about all this. Let me know what you think please.


Hi David. On your CC phones, go to Settings and look for Data usage. There should be an option there to show how much and where data was used. My best guess here is it's email app and/or social media apps consuming data.  Would love to read what you find.


Thank you for responding.

Yes, this is what is happening. Every day there is data streaming showing on my wife's phone activity, in our account on the CC website, that happens at exactly midnight, 6AM, Noon and6PM every day. The amount of stream varies from less than a MB to as much as 50 MB. There is no indication of whether or not the data is streaming down to her device, or up to the net. Although she does go onto the net on occasion, she is never using data at any of those times noted. ( I followed this issue back several month in our online phone records and the same thing has been happening for as far back as the records are available.) Also we don't see any other instants of data streaming on her phone even though she does, like I noted above, connect to the Net, though it is for things like looking up information, which I would think shouldn't take that much data relative to what we are seeing.

Here is another thing. I just recently purchased a new ZTE phone from CC for my Son who is the in south end of the state. He just brought it online yesterday and I see the exact same thing happening to his phone at midnight-last and 6AM today. One of the streams was 900MB, another was several hundred MB large as well, but I can't remember how much. He told me, just a few moments ago that he does do streaming, but has not had the chance to do so yet with this new phone. But if that 900MB load is any measure of what I can expect in the future, our 10 Gig plan won't last long. So it is really important that I get a handle on this real soon.

By the way I have data disabled on my phone, so as of yet I have not seen anything like this happening to it. Also I don't use a CC supplied phone for me. I use a Unihertz Atom XL which is a military grade phone, super tough and reasonably sized for a human hand.

Thanks again for any light that you can shine on this issue.


Hi David. Can you tell us more about your problem/question? Would love to help.

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