How can you connect to the internet with the Panasonic GD-88?

Hello everybody.

Recently I obtained Panasonic GD-88 flip-phone. It is really great with not only its outer look but also with its functions and features. However, I am still unable to connect to the Internet.

Does anybody knows what should I do, and what settings should I put for connection? FYI: I am a T-Mobile customer.

Thank you in advance.

Did you purchase the GD88 from T-Mobile?

I know this thread is old, but if you didn't you will need to contact T-Mobile for their GPRS settings and have them help you set it through the phone, or bring it down to their store and ask them for GPRS settings. If you purchased the phone from T-Mobile, then you will need to call them to enable GPRS. I know some providers do not automatically enable it because people don't know what it is until they get charged for it.

Hope this helps.


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