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How to make conference calls on the Lenovo K6 Power?

I cannot merge conference calls on my Lenovo K6 power, which is working on Android 6.0.1.  

Unable to merge calls. It's a serious issue to me.even an small Android mobile can merge but this is not done with this Lenovo k6 power.please try to solve this issue as soon as possible

I couldnt make conference call in my lenovaK6 Power. Help me

If Tel me plz how to connect conference call in Lenovo k6 power phone please

Before u try to conference call 1St switch off and then on your mobile phone. And try to conference call... Am followed this method on my Lenovo k6 power

My Carrier is allowing... Tried making a conference call through the same sim card in my moto g4 plus, it workd. But when i tried through lenovo k6 power, it doesn't.

Conferencing is not happening in my phone

I couldn't make a conference cal in lenova k6 power so plz may I know any setting for it

My phone not allowed to conference call .can u replay any settings is chance

Not sure if your phone supports but try this: Dial the first contact, once answered, put him/her on hold. Now dial the next contact. Once answered, check the screen if there's an option "Merge".

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