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Coming from Android, iPhone X or Xs?

So, I'm Javi and I've been an Android user since I got my first "after-Symbian" smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S3. I've owned that one, a Google Nexus 5, a LG G4, a OnePlus X, a Samsung Galaxy S8 and now I have a Google Pixel XL.

I bought that last one just to wait there until the Google Pixel 3 was released, but it's been a huge deception to me in many senses.

So, at this point, when every Android smartphone seems to bore me, I'm considering to try getting an iPhone for the first time, as I own and love an iPad Mini 2 and the experience iOS gave me.

The thing is I could make an effort and get the iPhone X without many problems, but I can't say the same for the iPhone Xs, as it costs like 300€ more.

My question is, should I get the X and will be fine or should I try to save a bit more and get the Xs? My idea is to renew it once the next one is out and as far as I know the only differences between them are camera, CPU, RAM and battery, and not a great difference in each field.

What do you people think?

Hi Javi. Welcome.

You might find this article comparing iPhone models helpful. favourite iPhone is still the iPhone SE. You can find it used or refurbished quite easily. The downside is that not everyone likes the smaller screen and rumours are that the next iOS won't support the SE. So...iPhone 8 or X would be good "budget" choices perhaps.

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