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Charge complete alert sound not working

Unable to get charge complete alert to work on link ll

That's unfortunate. So did you get a new one or stick with the Link II?


Did all that and then some. Since my original posting I have found several other things about this phone that don't work, badly designed, or are contradictory within the phone settings. The last time I was able to talk to a human being I was indirectly told I bought a cheap phone and should consider upgrading. 


Have done all those including resetting the phone. Also took it back to seller and got another new one. Same problem. Tried different chargers. No luck. Have talked to the Consumer Cellular techy folks three times. They are still scratching their heads. It charges ok, but does not beep when finished. Even shows that it is fully charged on the display but no beep. Nice phone otherwise. Thanks guys..Arnie

Hey Arnold. Can you try this: go to Menu -> Settings -> Sound & notifications -> Charging sounds -> select On. Let me know if that works.

Hi Arnold. Can you check if the phone is in silent mode? I'm thinking it may also silence notifications and system sounds.

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