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Why can't I see who's calling on my Alcatel Tru?

I can hear the phone ringing, but I can't see who's calling me

I'm sorry to read that. That sucks. Looks like you received a lemon product. Have you brought the issue to MetroPCS?

I bought the phone from Wirelink on June 20, 2017.  On June 22, 2017 the phone started shutting off after I've talked 5 or 6 minutes on it.  June 24, 2017 Wirelink fixes it so it won't do that.  June 25, 2017 the phone started doing it again and this time I couldn't see who was calling me.  June 29, 2017, I took the phone to Wirelink to get a replacement phone and the guy takes 45 minutes for the whole process which tells me he just deleted everything on my phone and tried to pass it off as if he gave me a new one.  If he had given me a new phone the process would have only taken 15 minutes and not 45 minutes.   Wirelink refuses to give me another phone because it's obvious it can't be fixed.  Wirelink (and MetroPCS) is claiming if you talk over 60 minutes on a new phone, they can't replace it.  I say BS, especially if the phone never worked right.

Oh.. That sucks. Was the phone recently bought? And do you mind letting us know where you bought it? Your experience will help other users.

Thanks, Carl.  But I had the phone deactivated.  This phone is acting like it has a timer on the calls and I can talk for 5 or 6 minutes before the caller can't hear me.  I can hear the caller, but they can't hear me.  And the people I bought it from won't replace it or give me another phone, they just keep trying to fix the phone instead of giving me another one.  I would not recommend anyone to buy an Alcatel TRU phone.

When you turn on the screen, it still doesn't show who is calling? It should at least show you the number of the caller. Please check Settings > Sounds & Notifications > Interruptions > Choose Always Interrupt.

Hi Theresa. What does the screen show when someone is calling?

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