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Can you move your apps to micro SD card on the LG Aristo?

Want to know if you can move apps to micro sd card to make space for more apps.

Accepted Answer

To relocate an app on the LG Aristo:

Settings > Storage. Click Internal storage and then Apps.

This will show all of the apps you have installed on the Internal storage. Tap each app and if it can be relocated to the SD card, you will a change option for the storage used. Keep in mind that not all apps can be relocated to the SD card.

LG Aristo phone owner under MetroPCS

not all phones have th capability of being able to move apps to sd card... some of the apps I have on my aristo 2 can not be moved to sd card but on lg k7 and my other past phones those same apps can be moved to sd card


Open app in settings. Under Force stop and Uninstall, tap storage and apps that can be moved will have a change button. Pick SD card from menu. Not all apps can be moved though.

Check if you can by going to Settings > Apps > Downloaded > Check each app if any have the option "move to SD card".

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