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Can not recieve or send picture messages/phone drops signal everything I make or recieve a phone call (goes from 4g to 1x everything no matter where I am)

This kind of a last ditch effort before I switch back to Verizon (where I originally came from 3 weeks ago). I switched over to straight talk for a cheaper bill but nothing is working right. I've been on the phone with straight talk for more than 5 hours doing all the diagnostic steps possible. They sent me a new Sim and it's still doing the same problem. I have the right app settings, HD calling us on, reset me network, and factory reset my phone. I tried downloading other mms apps to see if I could send or recieve pictures, and still no luck. My phone is Samsung, galaxy s20 +. I was w Verizon for a year before I switched over and never had this problem so I know it has to do with my transferring over. Could really use an outside opinion instead of an over the phone tech

Hey Chris. I wonder, can you try using the same SIM on a different phone? I'm thinking maybe it's the phone's antenna that is broken.

As for sending picture messages, make sure you have data in your account when sending MMS, turn mobile data on, then try sending again.

Just throwing ideas here, hope something works or you found a solution.

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