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Can I get an extension 'til friday for MetroPCS?

I dont get paid until friday and i wanted to know if i could get an extension until then

As noted over on this bill extension question, Metro now offers a maximum extension / bill float of 48 hours.

To get the extension, your account must already be suspended. Once suspended, you can then apply for the extension via Metro customer support.

NOTE: Metro by T-Mobile's customer service phone number is 1-877-453-1304. We have additional Metro contact information listed here on our website.

Can I please have an extension until Friday morning I was in the hospital and I get paid Friday

I want to know can I pay my bill Next Wednesday I been out sick

I need some more extensions till FIRDAY 

My apologies for the reply. Logging in to your MetroPCS account, there's an option to get 2 days extension. I hope you at least contacted them.

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