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Can I exchange my phone for a new and clean version of the same phone?

So i have had my phone since Black Friday of 2016 and i cracked it really bad on May 26,2017 in the morning when it fell in the concrete. My friend was able to change his for a new one for free, but i do not know what line he is from. I was wondering if that is possible in Metro. Like i said my phone is really cracked with front camera too and some pieces of the screen are coming off and i can see the cables or what is inside. Also my pens top broke and now if i put it in my phone it gets stuck so i dont put it in anymore

 Thank you and i hope i get a response soon :)

Hi Tania. Do you have Premium Handset Protection Program? If you do file a claim here: click here (click File a Claim on the right hand side of the screen).

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