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Can I disable wallpaper on my Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)?

No wallpaper. ie black background?

I suspect that the heating was caused by some program getting stuck in a loop.  The heat caused some component to stop working.  At the next reboot, after the component had cooled down, the component was connected to the rest of the operating system and the wallpaper function was re-activated.

Maybe a developer familiar with Android OS and the machine code and/or the correct programming language could create an application to not have a wallpaper option.

There is a badly named application out there called NO WALLPAPER which allows a black wallpaper to be used.  Hope his programming is more logical than his naming skills.

This is a challenge for some programmer out there.  A real reduction in battery usage.

Hi Mark. I don't think there's a way. With regards to your phone heating up. I suggest that you force stop apps that you are not using to stop them from using resources.

Thank you Carl.

That is one way, but it still uses resources.

The ideal would be to have a no wallpaper option.

They do it for the emergency mode to help conserve battery charge.

My Galaxy got really hot in my shirt pocket the other day.  Not warm, really hot to the touch. 

The background went black for two days then reverted to the normal wallpaper.  Wish I knew how it did it.

Hi Mark. Simply replace your background with a black wallpaper.

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