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How to fix boot loop on Doro Liberto 820 Mini?

doro cell phote enter bootloop since i updated the android OS as recommanded by the phone itself !

Tried all possible keys combinations (vol+, vol-, home and combinations of all of the keys) but still can't get to the recovery menu. Phone continue looping during boot.

it starts, get to the logo and then power off and restart boot sequence and so on.

can you help ?

AT the end, I wrote to the top management of the Doro company in Sweden to let them know how disloyal DORO is to it's customer when it dispatch software updates that just kill their phone. They gave me the email of a DORO top management person in France that would take care of the issue. I wrote to this person and got an invitation to send the phone to a repair center, at my own expenses. The repair center was finally able to reinstall a working version of the OS on the phone. I got it 5 months later and since then its working fine. Long battle for DORO to recognize that their update procedure doesn't work well and long battle for them to accept to "reload" my phone which was no more under guaranty. In general I would say that DORO is not customer oriented as it was difficult to get them to move. Without the help of the mother company I wouldn't have got any kind of service from their French subsidiary. I will not buy an other phone from DORO as those people have not quite understand that their jobs depend on customer satisfaction and would turn down any legitimate request. 

Same problem here! Just got it out of the box, updated it, and boom, the loop starts... I've tried also to connect it to a computer, but still the loop goes on and on...

I've placed a support ticket to the company, if they give me a solution, I'll let you know..

Hi Monial. Try this: remove the battery for at least 3 minutes, put it back after and try turning on your phone. Let me know if that works.

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