Why won't my car automatically download contacts from Huawei Y6 via Bluetooth?

Bluetooth in vehicle won't download contacts from Y6 until I press "allow" in phone. This occurs everytime I start vehicle. Can I disable the permission request on the phone?

Can I download contacts to vehicle bluetooth from Huawei Y6 without having to ok the contact request every time from my phone?

Finally figured out a fix! Delete the phone's connection and reconnect it. The phone will subtly but assuredly ask in small text (be quick or the message will disappear) if u'd like to allow pairing with the car's Bluetooth system... now comes the trick, instead of just answering "yes" as normal, ensure u flag the option not to be reminded about this message again, and voila the damn phone will now recognize your contacts list permanently (whether the car or phone are turned off). Simple solution that limited tests reveal seems to work, but one shouldn't have to do something like this to get it to work. Give it a try and post your success for all to read - hurrah!

I'm experiencing the same, frustrating problem. I tried copying the contacts list from the phone to the SIM card to the SD card and back-and-forth hoping that perhaps the Bluetooth would only recognize contacts from one of these sources. This duplicated my contacts and messed things up a bit. Eventually I realized that u must specify multiple times on the phone to grant permission to upload your contacts. Everytime u restart the car, even if the phone stays powered on, u must go thru this tedious procedure. Still looking for a fix too...

Hi im having the same problem with my Y6. Even after pressing the tick and allow it nly stores the same 4 contact over and over again. Even grouped the contact but still ntn

Hi Andy. Which car brand and model do you have? Have you try syncing your contacts with other car?

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