Can I purchase a replacement screen for the Blu R1 HD?

If so...where can I buy Blu R1 HD parts

can i purchase the touch of blu r1 hd mobile if yes hw and where...

Just now I ordered one screen from Ali Express mobile application once if I get it I will let you know guys it's cheaper in Ali Express 

Just a friendly heads up..if your paying $50 for the replacement screen you might as well just buy a new one..Amazon is selling them right now for the same price!

Hi there. The easiest way would be probably to order it from eBay - here is the BLU R1 HD screen replacement I've found there.

How can I purchase a BLU R1 HD screen in Jamaica an how much it will cost me to do so

BLU service center should cover that for you. Contact BLU to know how much does the repair cost.

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