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ATT 5G not connecting

I have a 5G phone and have an ATT SIM. I am in an ATT 5G covered area by the map but only get LTE 4G. CC says 5G will show up automatically but it doesn't. Any ideas? If I get a T-Mobile SIM it will connect to 5G.

On the last note, I read yesterday about it AT&T and Verizon delaying the implementation. That probably is why you aren't getting any. I think it would be best to directly contact AT&T now just to be sure if 5G is rolled out in your area.


Hey Carl,

- On cellular = 72Mbps down 26Mbps up (Consumer Cellular carrier with MVNO ATT SIM     to ATT towers)

- On wifi = 600 down 97 up (T-Mobile Home Internet 5G IPS).

- Phone = OnePlus 8T - Snapdragon 865, 128GB RAM, 256GB ROM, 120HZ Fluid Amoled     6.55 Display, Android 11 (OnePlus Oxygen OS latest update Dec.)

- With a T-Mobile SIM I can get 5G on this phone without any change in settings using     Consumer Cellular but with T-Mobile towers

- Today ATT and Verizon are scheduled to implement something for 5G to their towers     and the airlines don't like it.  Could this implementation change my situation?  I show     I am in a fully covered ATT 5G network area already.

Hi John. Have you tried running a speed test? Also, can you tell me which phone you are using?

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