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How to get Alcatel Pixi first message SIM selection?

Alcatel pixi first mesaage sim selection

Hmm.. I see. What you can do now is just use a 3rd party messaging app like Go SMS Pro (link). It's really easy to use when you have dual SIM cards, you will see 2 send buttons instead of one (SIM1, SIM2). Please try it and let me know if that works for you.

There is a sms setting and the choices are



Always as prompt 

But the thing is that ive already tried this but nothing changed. And the default word itself isnt found. 

Yes, that one! Dual SIM settings, please check it. Usually, you can choose there which SIM to use by default.

Yes i am looking for the sim which will be use for messaging and also how to choose the sim i want send a message.

  • The sim card setting as you mentioned isnt found there is only dual sim settings.  

I wish to kknow how to make the message app ask me the sim selection before sending a message. 

Thank you 

Hi there. If you are pertaining to the SIM that will be used for messaging, please go to Settings > SIM cards. Let me know if that's what you're looking for.

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