Why won't Alcatel One Touch Fierce XL turn on?

I have had this phone for a little bit but now it just doesn't work. When I try to turn it on the Alcatel logo just appears and disappears over and over. when I charge it the white light turns on. I can't figure this out I tried hard resetting I tried Soft resetting I tried charging it but nothing happens it just kept on going to that logo screen. I am currently using a tracphone that I recently purchased but I just Want to have my Alcatel working. Do you know any way to fix this?

Hi Majinprince. You can try to factory reset the phone if you want. To do this press and hold power button and volume down button until the phone turns on. Press the volume button to select Recovery mode, use the volume up button to navigate between the options and volume down to select it. Choose wipe data/factory reset then choose Yes - erase all user data. Hope that helps.

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