Why won't Alcatel 2051X work with Parrot Mki9200 handsfree Kit?

I have a Parrot MKi9200 handsfree car kit & numerous phones, including an Alcatel OT 560, all work just fine. I have just bought an Alcatel 2051X & it will pair with the MkI 9200 & receive calls through it but it won't make calls through it. Also the phone contacts don't get sent to the MKi 9200.

Any ideas please as it's the only phone that hasn't worked.

The Parrot technical team told me the Alcatel 2051X  was not compatible with the MKi9200 handsfree kit & there was nothing in their user guide about it.

Anyway I've sorted it myself & the MKi9200 & the phone are now fully functional as handsfree units.

The lack of advice from both Parrot & Alcatel is pretty appalling.

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