How to access list of contacts on Doro phone?

Ive just purchased a Doro phone today.  How do I bring up the list of contacts Ive put in?  When I press Menu, then says new contact.  Where do I go from here?

Thank you for replying to my question, and apologise if I appear a little thick!  I've just purchased the phone and it is a Doro 6520.  When I started to discover how the phone worked it was in predicted text, which, as a beginner totally threw me.  Since I have discovered a little more about the phone, and discovered that if I press the green button for ringing out a list of contacts comes up.  If I go into phonebook I have to scroll down to discover the contacts I've entered.  I would be grateful for any other advice.  Thanks.

Hi Beryl. Which Doro phone are you using? You went to the right place, the phonebook. But it looks like the phone is newly bought, if so, then that's normal, phonebook is just empty.

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