Phone is garbage


I got the ZTE Valet and expected a good phone. The phone looses a Wi-Fi signal at 20 feet and my other cellphones worked at over 100 feet. The phone signal is also weak. When I had 3 or 4 bars on my old phone I had 1 to no bars on the ZTE Valet. I went by 2 different towers and the ZTE only had 3 bars and my old phone had the maximum signal bars. Evidently another cheep worthless product from China. As a trackfone it does not give you any info to track the time used as all the other trackfones do. To find out how much time you have used or have left you have to go the Trackfone web site and click on Check Your Balance.


You don't need to go to TracFone's website to check your balance. TracFone has an app which allows you to check your balance as well as add minutes. It's called Tracfone - my account.

jean reed

how can I add this phone to my account? I have ZTE Valet but account says no phones on this account