Amazon Sets September 6 Press Event Likely for 2nd Gen Kindle Fire

Carlo Alejandro Fernandez about 1 year ago

Amazon sent out press invites for a September 6th event in Santa Monica, California, likely to announce the next generation Kindle tablets and e-readers. Amazon is expected to announce an update to the $199 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet and a brand-new 10-inch model. The second generation 7-inch tablet is rumored to sport a higher resolution 1280 x 800 display, faster processor, a front facing camera for video calls, and a new metal frame, but plastic construction. The internet retail giant is also expected to introduce a new batch of eRedears as Amazon and many retailers have already suspended sales of the current models.

What Else You Need To Know:

- The second generation Kindle Fire tablets will compete with the iPad mini, rumored to be unveiled by Apple in September for $199 to $299, and other budget tablets currently in the market like the $199 Nexus 7.

- The new Kindle eReaders are expected to have a light up display similar to Barnes & Noble's Nook SimpleTouch with Glowlight.

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It's odd timing for an event. Apple is holding its own press event less than a week later on September 12 to announce a new iPhone and possibly a smaller, 7-inch version of the iPad. - Steve Kovach, Business Insider  
While we’re ready for a rebook of the Kindle Fire at this point, it is still possible that the this will be an introduction of new software or a connection to a new set of services as well. - Chris Burns, SlashGear  
Amazon press conference prepped for 6 September, could it be the Kindle Fire 2?  

With confirmed events from Nokia and Motorola already that week, and the expected launch details of the Nintendo Wii U and even possibly the iPhone 5, the week after the beginning of September looks busy.

Amazon preps press conference: Kindle Fire 2 time?  

There has been speculation for more than a year about a larger Amazon tablet that would compete directly with the iPad, with multiple blogs saying the device is code-named Hollywood.

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Get Ready For The New Kindle Fire: Amazon Holding Event September 6 (AMZN)  

The new 7-inch model is supposed to have a sharper screen than the current Kindle Fire. It's also expected to have a front-facing camera for video chat.

Android Central
Amazon hosting press event on Sept. 6 - new Kindle Fire on the way?  

The invites are scant on details other than where to go and when to be there but the good news is, we'll be on hand to let you all know what it is.

Amazon sends out invitations for September 6th event, new Kindle Fire inbound?  

The $199 Fire was a big hit when it was first introduced in November 2011. It slowly fizzled out when the buying frenzy of the holiday shopping season was over and a new iPad was introduced.

Tech Radar
Amazon announces mystery September 6 press event  

More's been reported on the 10-incher than 7-inch, and it will reportedly come with a front-facing camera, microUSB ports and HDMI-out jacks.

Amazon Kindle Fire reboot likely for West press event  

Amazon has traditionally held conferences in New York City, this California location throwing many for a loop.

New Kindle Fire, Light Up Kindle Likely at Amazon’s September 6th Event  

A new Kindle Fire would arrive to a crowded 7-inch tablet market, but Amazon obviously hopes to convince users its walled garden approach is better than the $199 Nexus 7.

Amazon expected to announce new Kindle Fire tablets on September 6th
Amazon Press Conference--new Kindle?

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