ahmed about 1 year ago

Is there a software update for the ZTE V768?

i have reset my phone internet does not work

  • Avril12 about 1 year ago

    There is no software update for this device but you can perform hard reset to your phone.1.Switch off the handset, and press the power-key and volume-down key at the same time until get recovery mode;
    2.Press home key get into next interface;
    3.There will be four choices:reboot system now;apply update from sdcard;wipe data/factory reset;wipe cache partition;
    4.Use “Vol+” and “Vol-“ to move the cursor up and down;
    5.Move cursor to “wipe data/factory reset,” press “menu” key to select it.
    6.Then use vol- key to move the cursor to " yes-delete all user data" , press menu key to select it.
    7.Then choose reboot system now ,you phone will reboot itself.
    Note:Please do remember this will delete all the personal information in the phone.therefore transfer the information to the sd card and remove it from your phone.
    (2)If you have bind the g-mail account, you can aslo use g-mail account to sign in your phone.

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