Bubba_69037 about 1 year ago

How to activate speakerphone on the Alcatel 510A?

  • Grindale about 1 year ago

    Hi Bubba. Most of the time the option to turn on the speakerphone during a call could be in the in-call options. I checked the user manual but there was no option for speakerphone.

  • mike about 1 year ago

    how do I turn on speaker phone ?

  • varvar 9 months ago

    From ATT Web site:
    While on a call, press the Right Soft Key to enable the speakerphone feature.
    Press the Right Soft Key again to disable speakerphone.
    Press the Left Soft Key.
    Scroll to Mute and press the Center Nav Key to mute the receiver.
    Press the Center Nav Key again to unmute.
    Scroll to Hold and press the Center Nav Key to hold the call.
    Press the Center Nav Key again to take the call off of hold.

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