goddymmedara 2 years ago

How to unlock the ZTE V768 that has been completely locked?

my t mobile zte v768 was send to me from u.s i inserted my local and it says no sim card, i tried some few password to unlock it but now is completely locked.

  • You need send your phone over to ZTE to have it unlocked. Contact ZTE to find out how.

  • blackgorilla 2 years ago

    if you use a different sim then you ll have to enter an (network) unlock code which can only be provided by your service provider...

  • CLAUDE 2 years ago

    need help

  • ezekiel mba 2 years ago

    my Zte v768 i enter wrong code and now the network lock block is there anything i can do to refixed it.

  • Hai, Do you want to phone lock or network lock? I think your phone is locked to network .So you can't use any network sim card. My suggestion first you should unlock your ZTE V768 phone. If you want to unlock your phone you use by unlock code. If you need an unlock code you visit http://www.simpleunlocking.com/zte-v768/rs16wp9/ . They will send the code via mail.

  • elias about 1 year ago

    hi there, i have t mobile model v768 & i have tried to unlock it so many times but, it wont's work. so, i need your help to unlock my t mobile. or i need you to tell me how to unlock it. thanks.

  • rupesh thakuri about 1 year ago

    my t mobile zte768 has been completly lock . so how can i unlock it??????????????

  • jeff 8 months ago

    pls i need help in unlocking my ZTE N910 network ... it just came in from another country and i want to use our network

  • dipak shrestha 5 months ago

    my phone sim network is locked
    my phone imei number

  • sandipshah 4 months ago

    How to unlock

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