Sheila Buckelew about 1 year ago

How to set tone for text messages on the ZTE Majesty?

I cannot get my text messages to make a sound when i get a text message?

  • Phillip_78936 about 1 year ago

    I am having this same problem. I've checked ever possible settings options that I can and turned on message ring tones for everything... still no text message tone. Currently searching the web for answers...

  • frank about 1 year ago

    same exact problem!!!!

  • To change Ringtone/Notification tones, press Home key > Menu key > Customization. Choose what to change then choose the ringtone you want.

    You can also find this on the user manual page 11. Download it on ZTE Majesty page. (Link is on the bottom part of the page)

    Let us know if you were able to change it. :) 

  • pamela about 1 year ago

    i am having the same problem. i have set my ringtone in the sound option in settings, and in the settings from messaging menu

  • Chris_38987 about 1 year ago

    Having the same issue. I can set the tones through the menus, but it doesn't make the sounds when you get a text, or Facebook update, or email. It's not on vibrate or silent only. And the Text icon on the shortcut bar doesn't show how many texts I have waiting either.

  • Chris_38987 about 1 year ago

    Restarted the phone! It fixed it.

  • Adam McIntyre about 1 year ago

    I restarted my phone and now it sounds when I get a text or face book message.

  • baileyd3 6 months ago

    Mine still doesn't work I have tried all these suggestions could it be something else. Went to settings an customization even tried to set a download as the sound nothing. It show in the status bar and the phone lights up when a message come in but nothing else.

  • This is actually odd. Does your phone make a sound or nothing at all? Are you guys sure you're not in silent mode?

  • ZTEuser 5 months ago

    I am actually undergoing the same technical difficulties.
    Only my Majesty will ring for incoming calls, will make sounds when I type, and will even vibrate for my notifications. However it will not make a sound to let me know I have notifications, waiting to be responded to.. I've checked every setting that has to do with sounds and notifications, but they all say my volume is at a Max. It is really beginning to get to me. I've downloaded apps, restarted my phone, re-activated my phone, even changed my notifications ringtone and absolutely Nothing.

  • Have you checked the app's settings? There may be some notification settings there, check if it is off.

  • Marla K 5 months ago

    Exactly the same problem. 45 minutes with offshore customer service, and 40 more with the nice guy at the store and no answer. My phone makes a sound for absolutely everything but texts. Maddening..

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