bishop 2 years ago

How to make tethering work on the Samsung Galaxy Discover?

hi i am using a samsneung galaxy discover acording to the phone specs it has hotspot but i can't work it

  • Here's how to activate your phone's portable wi-fi hotspot:

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Under Wireless & Networks, tap on More...
    3. Tap on Tethering & portable hotspot
    4. Put a check on Portable Wi-Fi hotspot

  • navdeep 2 years ago

    Friend i am also faceing this problem.Tethring is not showing in setting tell me what to do
    Is there any problem with my handset

  • Rob_48627 2 years ago

    I am running a Netgear Wireless Card on my Desktop tower. I got it working this way....

    On the Phone....
    System Settings
    Opens up a menu screen:

    Data Usage

    Click MORE...
    Screen opens up with:
    Airplane Mode

    The USB Tethering is off
    Portable Wi-Fi hotspot is checked ON
    Go to Configure Wi-Fi Hotspot

    The SECURITY tab
    in that tab I clicked "OPEN"

    I am surfing the net. 54.0 mbps.
    I notice it drops when calls come in. Sometimes with texts it does also.

    Hope this works for you.

  • JeanGuy 2 years ago

    Sir, ( i'm Frech),

    When i click on More, there is only this possibilité:

    airplane Mode


    Wi-Fi Direct

    Wireless Mobile

    There is no TETHERING AND PORTABLE HOTSPOT, what can i do?

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