Anonymous 2 years ago

How much does the Motorola Moto G cost?

  • The Informr Team 2 years ago

    The price of the Motorola Moto G will vary depending on several factors including service provider, retailer, age, special offers and contract length. Purchased with a 2 year service contract, for example, you would pay much less for the phone itself up front.

    Motorola's suggested retail price is $179.00. You can compare Motorola Moto G prices from around the web here on our website.

  • garrison about 1 year ago

    I just want to buy an moto g from target were my brother got his at for 80 dollars

  • james thompson about 1 year ago

    I paid 99 dollars at Radio Shack. Great deal.

  • con 7 months ago

    hey I bot mine it was just 50$

  • funbi 6 months ago

    how much is a moto g in pounds

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