abby_71515 2 years ago

Does the Alcatel A392G have speed dial?

Speed dial setting

Yes, you can set a maximum of 8-speed dial entries.

To set up Speed Dial Entries:
1. From the main menu, select Settings > Phone settings > Keypad > Numeric keys.
2. Highlight the key with which you wish to assign the speed-dialing number (from 2 to 9), pressEdit > Contacts.
3. Scroll to choose a contact you want to assign from Contacts and press OK.


I have an Alcatel OneTouch. I set up my speed dial contacts, but I can't seem to access them with one touch. Please provide instructions.

Also, how do I revert my contacts to first name first?

My phone does not have PHONE SETTING option. So what do I do to get speed failing to work?
Thank you

I set up my speed dial and it shows them in there but when I press 2-8 then send it doesn't call the contact

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