Ana 3 years ago

Can you take screenshots on the Coolpad Quattro 4G?

If You Can How ?

  • Hi Ana. I just checked the manual and found no information if it's possible to take a screenshot on the Coolpad Quattro by itself. I would suggest you just download apps from Google Play. Most screenshot apps require phone to be rooted first, but I found one that doesn't require phone to be rooted. It's No Root Screenshot It. I personally use this app. You can take a screenshot by shaking your phone, using the screenshot widget or delayed screenshot timer. Hope you'll like it too :)

  • Jordan 3 years ago

    what usb driver did you download?

  • no name 3 years ago

    This does not work .i have an android and i pressed the volume button and the power button and nothing happened

  • audley 3 years ago

    you have to download the screenshot app.

  • payton_27293 3 years ago

    you have to download the free screenshot app

  • Destiny 2 years ago

    i never saw nobody with screenshot on a coolpad

  • Rooting is now possible for the Coolpad Quattro. Once you've rooted your device, you can now install screenshot apps on your phone.

  • mia 2 years ago

    how do you root the coolpad quattro to download screenshot apps?

  • For those who want to root their Coolpad Quattro, there's already a rooting guide available in YouTube. Click here to view.

  • tirra 2 years ago

    I kno you can do a screenshot I jus havent figured it out but my 3yr old daughter has taken about 15 pictures of her playing on the phone i thought it had been jus the game till one day i gave her my cell too look at pictures and she took a picture of the pictures... i wanna kno how to do it.

  • Marie 2 years ago

    If you want to take a picture from your messages, you hold your finger down on the picture and press add to gallery. If you want to screenshot, there is a blue lightning button at the bottom left of your screen when your in a message. You press it and a list of options come up, hold your finger on the screen and scroll down until you find screenshot

  • keara about 1 year ago

    press and hold down the power button and the down button for the down volume

  • marshay about 1 year ago

    All you do is press the bottom volume button and the power on/off button

  • jeremy_48869 9 months ago

    volume down plus the power button at the same time for like 5 seconds... i just did it on my coolpad, no apps

  • DeMarkus Fitzpatrick 7 months ago

    Yes you can take screenshot Volume Down + Power Button. A moving frame will appear showing you the screen has been captured followed by a message saying where the captured screenshot is stored.

  • Did not work for me. Very hard to hold the volume down button and the power button and press your finger on the screen all at once, but I did and nothing happened. What about videos? Can you screenshot videos?

  • dasia 2 months ago

    Hold down volume button and power at the same time for three seconds

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